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We supply and fit high quality Gas flue Inspection hatches which meet Building regs 2010 document. These ensure Gas inspection engineers are able to inspect any concealed Gas Flue, ensuring all Flues are fixed and joints are sealed correctly, complying with current legislation.

Any properties with a Gas boiler with limited view of the Flue will require a flue inspection hatch. The deadline for this work to be completed was 31 December 2012. If the boiler is inspected by a Gas safe engineer and the full length of the flue cannot be inspected, your boiler is deemed at risk as it cannot be fully service and could be turned off, with permission leaving the resident without hot water or heating, until an appropriate Gas Flue inspection hatch is fitted and a full gas safety check can be completed.

Gas Flues remove fumes from the Gas boiler, a boiler that is working incorrectly along with a similar gas flue could pose a potentially fatal risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


If your property is less than ten years old, contact the company who built your home or the home warranty provider for further information. If your property is over ten years old, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

gas flue inspection hatch fitter gas flue inspection hatch fitter It is the responsibility of the managing agent or agent to ensure their properties are fitted with Gas boiler Flue Inspection hatches to ensure the Gas boiler and flues can be checked at the annual gas inspection. For more information on
gas boiler flues hidden in voids, walls or ceilings
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