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New Regulations on Flue Systems

What is a flue?

Who do these new regulations apply to?

This applies to Landlords, Tenants and Residents who own property with a gas central heating system which is positioned on an internal wall. With an internal wall system the flue pipe would run through a hidden ceiling or wall space. If this cannot be seen it cannot be inspected by a Gas Safety Engineer. As such problems cannot be easily resolved leaving the Residents with a potential risk of CO poisoning. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure easy access to the flue is available. Vu-Flue fit an Inspection Hatch so that you comply with the new Regulations and of course your own peace of mind

DANGER! Please Read

Our work has lead us to real examples of dangerous flue pipes hidden in Flues. These pictures were discovered recently behind a wall that we were installing a flue hatch into. You can see in the examples that the flue pipes were not properly connected and were also joined with tape meaning dangerous gas was escaping. It's no exageration that this client could have potentially been poisioned had this hatch not revealed the issue.

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Our quality fire rated Inspection Hatches are quickly but expertly fitted leaving your property clean and tidy but without compromising your Building Insurance.

flues in voids example

It is now an offence....

under the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998 to continue to use a gas appliance, such as a boiler, that has been issued with an "At Risk" warning notice. You may also end up with your water and heating system shut down leaving you without hot water and heat. If you are a Tenant in rented accommodation, it is the responsibility of your Landlord to ensure sure the property has easy access to the flue. The full details of the Legislation can be found below.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998


Why is this information Important?

It is important to raise public awareness of this issue as a flue in poor condition can contribute to an inefficient boiler system. This, in turn, could lead to a system producing high levels of the dangerous gas Carbon Monoxide (CO) which can escape through gaps in the flue and into living areas. CO gas is very hard to detect but can be lethal and take effect very quickly and that is why it is very important that s flues are easily accessible to a fully qualified Gas Safety Engineer who can quickly spot any problems.

Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Take Action Today

If your property was built in the last 2 years, contact your builder for advice. If your property is between 2-10 + years old and you have no warranty on the building, contact a Gas Safety Engineer. As a Tenant inform your Landlord that he needs to install a Flue Hatch is fitted and the boiler system is regularly checked by an Expert annually.


If you have any concerns

regarding the safety of your boiler system then immediately discontinue to use the appliance and call The National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999

NEVER attempt to inspect or fix a Flue Pipe yourself. This could place you and your family in serious danger. This work should only ever be carried out by a qualified EXPERT!

Flue inspection hatches should NEVER be fitted manually by an untrained Resident or Landlord as you run the risk of damaging ceilings, fire proofing and even invalidating insurance on the property.
The National Gas Emergency Service


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